Cognitive Testing for
ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety

Objectively Measure Your Cognitive Function

Ballard Psychiatry has partnered with Cambridge Brain Sciences to bring our patients a simple online cognitive testing tool.

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Using a series of scientifically-validated cognitive tasks, these tests produces measurable data, giving our providers valuable insight into qualities of your cognitive function.

This tool tests areas such as

All are cognitive skills that may be affected by a psychiatric disorder.

Because the correlation between cognitive function and mental health disorders is significant, this evidence-based assessment can be critical in understanding and creating individualized treatment plans for our patients.

How does it work?

Using a tablet, desktop or laptop computer, you’ll take a series of quick, fun, and engaging tasks that have been validated to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities—all core areas of cognition that may be affected by a mental health condition.

How will results be used?
Results for each task you complete will indicate where you stand relative to others in your age group.

Over time, and as you progress through treatment, you’ll begin to see performance trends so that you can objectively evaluate how treatment is affecting you.

Your healthcare professional will use this information during intake to ensure they target the right areas during treatment, and then re-assess periodically to measure progress.

Benefits of Cognitive Testing


Testing allows you to quantify the core elements of cognition and track your cognitive trends over time, validating that treatment or wellness plans are having the desired effects, or allowing you to detect episodic changes to your cognition.


Testing is web-based and flexible. Assessments can be completed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices. No pen and paper or special hardware required. Testing takes only 30 minutes to complete and is highly engaging, enjoyable and unintimidating. Plus, interactive and repeatable task tutorials will ensure you get up to speed on the task.

Private & Confidential

We take your privacy very seriously and use a 100% HIPAA compliant platform for all communication. We will never share any personal information with anyone, including your employer or insurance provider, without your explicit permission.


Testing is typically reimbursed in whole or part by most insurance companies. Out of pocket pricing is affordable compared to traditional in-office testing.