Refills are generally provided during your scheduled appointment.  You will be given enough to make it to your next appointment.   There is a $25 charge to order prescriptions outside of your normally scheduled appointment.  Read more here.

For example, if you are given a 90-day supply of medications, it is expected that you will be seen before you run out of medications.

It is recommended that you schedule your follow-up online as soon as you have seen that you have zero refills on your medications.

Given the predictability of when you will need more medications, please allow 5 full business days for medication refills to be processed.

  • Medication refills are made at the discretion of your provider and will not be authorized if your balance is past due.
  • All refill requests are managed from Monday- Friday.
  • Medication refills are not managed during the evenings or weekends when the office is closed.

If you need medication refills before your next appointment, you may request that your pharmacy fax a refill request to (206) 707-8299.

Read more about refills here.