Online Medication Management
of Adult ADHD

For Telepsychiatry services, we require that you have an evaluation conducted by one of the following providers prior to your appointment with one of our Prescribers:

  • Psychologist with PhD or Masters
  • LCSW—Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • LMHC—Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • ARNP—Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • MD—Psychiatrist

We will accept records from an evaluation conducted within ten years.  Please have them faxed to (206) 707-8299.

Our Preferred Providers for Adult ADHD Diagnostic Evaluations

If you do not have records from a previous evaluation, you can be seen by any provider of your choosing.

However, we have partnered with a number of recommneded providers with expertise in diagnosing and treating Adult ADHD. Their information is below:

If the evaluator concludes that you meet (DSM-5 criteria for ADHD), we can see you for an evaluation of (ADHD Medication Management) services.

Please note that the diagnostic conclusions of our evaluations may not be the same as the diagnostic conclusions of other providers.  However, in our experience, providers are typically in agreement.

Also, please understand that our providers may determine that medications generally or specific medications are not appropriate for you.  If this is the case, they will inform you of their reasoning and suggest (alternative treatment approaches to medications for ADHD).

To find an ADHD evaluator in your area, please select the State that you will be in at the time of the appointment.

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